Ciara On Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Raps: ‘I Love Being Aggressive’


Ciara speaks on tapping into her inner MC on her new album, Basic Instinct

Rapping on “Basic Instinct” for me was the best way to start the album because I was able to be very playful. Actually, I don’t want to even say playful. I was able to joke with myself, and I feel like I said words that my fans always wanted to hear come out of my mouth.

I really love being aggressive—that’s always fun for me, and really I’ve always been a tomboy at heart. One thing for me is that I’m always going to be able to rock with the boys and stay in touch with the ladies. On “Basic instinct” I just played with the rapping but it’s like I’m being serious on that record while having fun at the same time. It just feels good to be being able to say certain things and address the haters.

Anybody who knows me will tell you a lot of the times I try to play it on the safe side and avoid drama. I like to keep it positive with whatever it is I’m dealing with. In this case, it’s my message but from a different side of my voice. I had a crazy journey on this record. It’s one I’ve never experienced before. —As Told To Mikey Fresh


Ciara’s fourth solo LP, Basic Instinct , hits stores tomorrow, Dec. 14.

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