DJ Scoob Doo Talks Lil Wayne’s Homecoming [Pg. 2]


Do you remember what his aura was like when you first saw him again?

 Just to put it in perspective; it was a joyous time. Like it’s over but now there’s a new beginning.

Were you able to capture any of the private party on film?

We had the camera crew, and the Nino Brown story has been rolling. As we speak, there are cameras with Nino.

First thing he said to you?

“Nino’s back.” [laughs]

What other projects are you working on?

I’m working on Nino Brown, Nino Brown, and Nino Brown. [laughs] Nah, but I’m working on a lot of things to elevate the DJ Scoob Doo brand and  taking the final steps to secure a couple of deals. I’m really working on getting into the movie game. I also have an album that I’m working on, but it won’t be your typical release. I’m really hands on with everything that I do, so it’s going to take me a little bit longer.

I heard you have a big project with Birdman.

Me and Birdman got project coming out called The Godfather. That’s the name that I have for Birdman because looking at the whole game from when he started to where he is now and the family aspect that he runs his company with made me notice that’s he kept it like that from day one. It was always a family atmosphere. If you ever saw The Godfather movie, than you know what I mean. It’s going to be a DVD and mixtape release, but he might also be calling his album The Godfather. (Scoob yells: Yoo!) Excuse me that was Nino calling from the 7th floor. I have to get back to it

Can you update us on the Carter 4 before you go?

The Carter 4 will be a life altering album. I don’t know how many of those were released in the history of music. But I’m seeing it being built from the ground up, and I just hope people are ready in February. There’s a lot of messages in there. Look out for that Whiteboyz mixtape from Birdman and Mack Maine hosted by me and DJ Khaled.