Gawker Hack, How To Create Better Passwords


There was a breach in security for several of Gawker media’s websites earlier this week, which left millions of registered users’ email addresses, usernames and passwords exposed to hackers. Gawker admitted that they should have had better security but some of the top user passwords found in their system were juvenile so the whole ordeal is a community fail. See what we mean below (Via The Social Times ):

1. 123456 -used by more than 3,000 Gawker users

2. password – used by just under 2,000 Gawker users

3. 12345678 – used by more than 1,000 Gawker users

4. lifehack-used by just under 1,000 Gawker users

5. qwerty -used by more than 500 Gawker users

6. abc123-used by just under 500 Gawker users

In general when creating a password, make it long, eight characters or better, don’t use personal information like birth year, relatives’ or pets’ names, skip the “save password” function on social networking sites and use the entire keyboard including symbols.