‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Gets 3rd, Possibly 4th New Series On ABC

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Shonda Rhimes is quickly becoming the Queen of Nighttime TV.

Not only was Rhimes able to spin off her very successful medical romance drama Grey’s Anatomy into that other doctor drama Private Practice in just two short years, now word comes that she has a third show and possibly a fourth series down the pipeline for the alphabet network.

A third Rhimes medical drama, called Off The Map will hit ABC in Fall 2011. This series will follow a team of medical professionals who start work on a tropical island. (Maybe a Grey’s meets Lost without the plane crash, black smoke and flashbacks?)

The final and fourth possible Rhimes produced show (currently in pilot phase and which has not yet been ordered as a series) is an untitled project about “the life and work of a professional fixer and her dysfunctional staff.”

This series is based on the life of PR expert and crisis management consultant Judy Smith. You may not know Smith by name but you definitely know her work.  Smith advised Monica Lewinsky during the Bill Clinton sex scandal, the prosecution of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry for crack possession and communications during the infamous D.C. sniper case.  —Ronke Idowu Reeves

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