Initiation: ‘Tron”s Elizabeth Mathis Is Our Wonder Woman


If Hollywood ever makes another Wonder Woman film, Elizabeth Mathis would be a smart call. As the upstart actress tells it, playing an otherworldly “siren” in the sci-fi spectacle TRON: Legacy put her in a heroic state of mind. “Everything is super-fitted and super-tight,” says Mathis, of her curve-hugging TRON costume. “It was really intense putting on and getting it off. Really, you’re [like] a superhero.” 

The Southfield, Mich., native and 1998 Miss Michigan Teen USA is already using her powers on casting agents. The button-cute thespian plays Denzel Washington’s daughter in the action thriller Unstoppable, and stars in next year’s surfer-chick flick Blue Crush 2. Keep the Wonder Woman strapless top and thigh-high boots on standby. —Matt Barone 


THE FIRST time my brothers got uncomfortable watching me act was Chris Rock’s I Think I Love My Wife. I played one of his fantasy women, so, naturally, I had to be seductive. My two older brothers watched it, like, ‘Umm, Lizzie… for real?’ I’m the baby girl, so they’re very protective. With modeling, it didn’t bother them as much because I was wearing sexy outfits in print, and they didn’t see the photo shoots actually happening. But with movies, it’s more surreal for them to see me being sexy and actually moving. They’ll probably never get used to it.” 

THE LAST, and only, time I considered myself a dancer was the night before the TRON audition. My character moves in these robotic ways. It needed choreography, but I’ve never been a good dancer… at all. [Laughs] So I got all my friends together, and we watched Janet Jackson’s old videos all night. I tried so hard to get her moves down. I even counted down with my fingers, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1, like in ‘Rhythm Nation.’ And, obviously, I got the part. So I owe it all to Janet.” 

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