Ja Rule Talks Love Scenes With Adrienne Bailon In Upcoming ‘Church Girl’ Flick


Ja Rule may be a hard-edged, sometimes-singing MC, but in his newest movie role, the rapper finds religion.

The 34-year-old rapper stars in the upcoming Tyler Perry-esque film I’m In Love With A Church Girl, in which the Queens native plays a drug trafficker who turns to God after a massive drug bust.

“The director, Steve Race, he was like, ‘Ja’s the dude for this shit,’” Ja Rule remembers. “I wasn’t even sure. I started reading the script and it was something I felt I could tackle that didn’t take me all the way outside of my element, but just far enough where people could actually see that I can act.”

The “Church Girl” that helps Ja’s character turn his life around is none other than former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon.

“I’ve known A for a long time, we had really good chemistry on the set so it was really cool for both of us,” Ja says of his on-screen love interest. “She’s mad cool, down-to-earth, funny… I think us knowing each other made [the kissing scenes] easier.”

Ja continues: “Since we shot the film I’ve got nothing but great, great reviews. It’s been real good for me. I’m really happy that project came together like it did.”

The Galley Molina-written I’m In Love With A Church Girl, as well as Ja Rule’s seventh solo LP, The Renaissance Project are slated for release in 2011.


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