Kanye West (Pg. 5)


2) He’s More Rock & Roll Than Your Average Rock & Roller

The days of devil-may-care behavior in the rock world seems all but a memory. Could you imagine any of the members of Kings of Leon jumping into a crowd at a concert to wrestle a video camera away from a concertgoer like volatile Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose? Could you envision Muse lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy wearing a dress onstage, channeling the irreverent spirit of the late Kurt Cobain? Could you ever in your wildest dreams picture Paramore’s Hayley Williams crashing a Lady Gaga interview just as a drug-addled Courtney Love did to Madonna in their now infamous showdown at the 1995 MTV Awards? Of course not.

Thank God for Kanye West. When you call out the President of The United States for being a racist on national television; show up to gigs wearing a crown, crimson red leather outfit, and a leopard print vest backed up by a throng of ballerinas; treat passengers on a Delta flight to an impromptu rap; and start a Twitter war with Today Show host Matt Lauer for what he deemed as a disrespectful interview, you are indeed a badass of rock and roll proportions.

“When I think of Get Him To The Greek, Russell Brand’s character Aldous Snow reminds me of Kanye West,” says Rodriquez. ‘Ye is brilliant, crazy and frustrating. Just think about the November show he gave in downtown New York at the Bowery Ballroom for his new album. You are looking at his performance like, ‘This is great…this is amazing…this is why he’s the best!’ But then at the end he starts speaking and it’s like, ‘Uh oh.’ You know the very next day what was going to be the lede of the story: ‘Kanye Delivers Another Rant’ [laughs]. What’s more rock star than getting in your own way? That’s Kanye West.”

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