Learn How To Ride: Royce Teaches You How To Dance For Your Man


Royce Reed, as we all know by now is a professional dancer who is trained in several forms including jazz, ballet, hip-hop and more. She currently commandeers a Burlesque dance troupe, Fantashique, which travels and performs around the country. We got the spunky dance diva to share some sexy dance moves that could work for a sexy strip tease. ⎯Starrene Rhett


1. Make sure you have rhythm first [laughs]. Try to mimic anybody. Be you. Obviously, watch some videos and take some tips but don’t try to take all of someone else’s moves.

2. The sexiest move to a dude is when you do the body role like a snake and drop down and push your booty out first and then you roll up. You can do that like five times and they’ll shoot up [laughs]. Before you do a leg kick or a turn or anything like that, do the roll. Guys love flexibility, yes, but they’re easy and like I said, you can do that snake roll and push your booty back like five times and they’ll think it’s the best routine ever.

3. This is for the flexible girls. If you land on your back and you roll back and kick your legs out in a straddle in the air, they tend to think that’s cool. It’s really the basic moves that they find to be the sexiest because they think of positions that you do that they like, and it’s fun for them when you turn it to a dance move. That’s why I said pushing the booty back, because it makes them think of doggy style. But when you do the one with your legs straddled it makes them think of missionary with a little flair.

4. When you’re in a squat and you’re rolling, it makes them think of you on top riding so definitely a lot of the moves that you do, make sure they remind him of sex. That’s why they say guys like dancers, because a lot of the moves that we do make them think of the bedroom.


Musically, slow tempo is best and with easy lyrics too. One song that I love is Janet Jackson’s “Moist” and pretty much any Janet Jackson slow song where she’s just nasty. They love that. Ciara’s “Ride” is a good one too.


It’s cool to wear one of his shirts. They like that but it’s not just his shirt. They actually like you when you’re in no makeup and your hair is in a ponytail and you’re in one of their shirts, or even in a pair of their sweatpants, or a pair of shorts that are cut off. They just like the look of being able to grab you throw you on the bed and take advantage and not have to worry about messing up your hair. Also, on top of l lingerie is good, of course⎯even though it’s not gonna stay on long⎯or even just shock them and answer the door with nothing on.

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