Mario Talks Relationship With Dez & Current Relationship With Mother [Pg. 2]


So for the record, you did not touch your mother in any way?
Absolutely not.  

How is your mother doing right now, is she in rehab? 
Right now she’s dealing with demons and angels and I’m right here by her side. But I have to focus on my career in order to help her. I’ve been distracted for a long time, so it’s time for me to get back on my grizzy. 

Definitely. After the charges came to light, you kinda backed away from the spotlight. Were you in a funk?

I wasn’t the happiest camper, but I don’t have time to let the devil consume my mind. I’m Muslim… I read the Qu’ran everyday and it brings peace to my heart and mind. That alone leaves me peaceful. Being with different girls, that shit doesn’t work, it used to but it doesn’t work anymore.

Is being a one-woman-man working out better for you?
[Laughs], you know what I really haven’t been focused on women in general. But really I had to do some soul searching. A dude like me is very passionate and loving so I expect that in return. I’m not ruthless out here like other guys in this industry. I gotta be careful with the woman I lay my head with. 

Are you laying your head down with anyone now?
I am dating somebody, but it’s no pressure. I’m happy and I’m focusing on music.

Well it seems like you must really like this girl if we caught you on the blogs wearing matching outfits [laughs]. Is that what Mario does when he’s feeling a girl?
There you go. That was a fun day [laughs]. She looked beautiful and I felt good too so it is what it is.

So the happiness hasn’t ended with Dez?

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