Meet Deena Nicole Cortese: Jersey Shore Newbie Strips Naked For The Situation [Video]

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Jersey Shore’s Angelina replacement is Deena Cortese. The 24-year-old newbie is an actual New Jersey native and she’s also Snooki’s partner in crime. They were friends before the show, are about the same height and have the same attitude. Cortese is also a sexual free spirit like her pint sized bestie. She stripped off her bikini in front of The Situation, pointing out that “It took a day for someone to see my goods!”

Check out the new trailer below:


Now that we’ve seen that we also know that Sammi is still annoying. The boys are still douchebags and the girls still don’t like each other. Yet people are still going to watch when it premieres January 6 on MTV. Is Jersey Shore your guilty pleasure?