Nail Fashion: How To Do Your Own Lace Manicure


This season has been all about leather and lace and we’ve found that designers are channeling the same style onto their models’ nails. Nails and polish are like the new accessory in fashion so to honor this trend, we have provided steps to create your own lace manicure!

Things You Will Need:

You will need black lace, scissors, toothpick(s), and a strong topcoat. Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat is ideal because you will need something strong to hold the lace. Don’t mistake a top coat with clear polish- it’s not the same.

Now we are ready to start!

Step 1: With your lace- measure and cut it to fit each fingernail.

Step 2: Paint a layer of the top coat on your nails.

Step 3: While the Top Coat is still wet, apply the lace on top. The easiest method would be to paint one finger, apply the lace and then move onto the next one so the polish will not dry.

Step 4: Once you have applied the lace press it firmly with the toothpick to make sure it stays.

Step 5: Let the polish and lace dry a bit and then apply two more coats of the Nailene Acryllic Strong topcoat! 

And your done!

[Props: Necole Bitchie

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