Nicki Minaj Hints At Love Scene With Drake & Addresses Her Haters Again


MTV’s RapFix was granted behind the scenes access during Nicki’s Las Vegas B-Day extravaganza earlier month and decided to let us in on all the fun. Check out their exclusive sneak peak into the party, above.

Also, in a bonus clip from the media outlet, MTV’s Sway had a chance to catch up with Nicki while she shot the visuals to “Moment 4 Life” featuring labelmate Drake. After Nicki hinted at a possible steamy love scene between the two, she took another minute to address the haters—the queen hater incuded.

“I hate to say it, but a lot of people harbor just a lot of just hate, envy. It almost feels like, because I’m where I am, they’re where they are. I didn’t do this to you; I didn’t do this to your career. I’m responsible for Nicki; you’re responsible for you.”

“When you see someone else being successful and your first instinct is to tear them apart, that’s just a sign of you feeling unhappy with your achievements. But what I try to explain to people is: Whenever you feel like that — and we all feel like that sometimes, like ‘Ah, somebody’s doing it. Somebody’s popping a lot’ — use that as fuel to go hard. That’s what I did.”

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