Oklahoma Women Shoplift $2,600 Worth Of Merchadise Under Rolls Of Fat


(Dec. 1) — Plenty of people keep cash in their billfolds. But police in Oklahoma say two women tried to steal $2,600 worth of valuables under their skin folds.

Cops in Edmond arrested Ailene Brown, 28, and Shmeco Thomas, 37, on suspicion of shoplifting after the pair allegedly stuffed $2,600 worth of footwear, denim and accessories under rolls of fat on their stomachs and beneath their breasts. 

“These two individuals were actually concealing them in areas of their body where excess skin was, underneath their chest area and up around their armpits,” Officer James Hamm told KFOR.com.

The suspects allegedly attempted to use their bodies to stash four pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, as well as gloves and a wallet, according to NYDailyNews.com.

Investigators say Brown was carrying a knife in her purse so she could cut the tags off stolen goods.

The suspects allegedly managed to hide the goods, but apparently their plan wasn’t fleshed out. They were arrested before they could make it out of the T.J. Maxx store and hit with felony shoplifting charges.


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