Playing The Field: Royce Reed’s Dating Tips For Single Mothers (Pg. 2)


3. When it comes to affection don’t do that around the child, especially if they’re young in age because they mimic every thing. Just talk to them through the course of the relationship and let your child or your children know that this man may possibly may possibly be the one and if it’s a situation where you all may not work out and you all break up, you have to talk to your child and let them know that hopefully you have a relationship with that man where he’s not gonna completely leave out the relationship to where you all can still be friends, so if that child becomes really attached to that person he’s not gonna be wondering where is this person and start missing him because you don’t want to keep putting them through something like that.

4. Make sure you all do a lot together so he doesn’t feel like someone is taking is place or taking his time. Braylon and I are always together so I always have Braylon with Dwayne and I, and if we have a date night he might go to my parents house but he knows mommy is coming back to get him. But most of the time we do everything together because Dwayne is not just with me he’s also with my child.