Playing The Field: Royce Reed’s Dating Tips For Single Mothers


Royce dishes some of her most important dating tips for all the single mothers.

1. If you have your father in your life and you’re very close, make sure the guy that you’re with reminds you of how your father treated your mother, or treated the women in his life, or even how he treated you. And make sure that guy gives you that same respect because it’s probably gonna be a mirror to how he’s gonna treat your child or your children.

2. As far as introducing him to your, child, it’s kind of hard for me because Dwayne has always been a part of my life but I’ll say when to have him at your home, definitely wait until you know that this is gonna be a situation that you’re gonna be in for the long run or the long haul and whether it works out or not, explain to the child that this is mommy’s special friend and he’s gonna be around more so he doesn’t just think of that person as being just one of mommy’s guy friends. I have a lot of guy friends and Braylon knows a lot of them but he knows the difference between Dwayne and he knows the difference between another one of my guy friends. My guy friends don’t just come over to my house and stay for several hours.