Q&A: Travis Porter Talks Future Collaborations, Groupie Love & Cross-Racial Appeal [Pg. 2]


What’s been changing?
Quez: We been doing more interviews…
Strap: …Like, everyday… but right before we signed, we went to Germany. We’ve been touring a lot so we got more to talk about, so now that we have the label behind us to push the music, and everybody around the world can know that we go all around the world.
[Quez laughs]

How was Germany?
Ali: It was a different experience, just to see how they live and how they party to our music. They don’t know the words, but they—they don’t even really speak English, but they just be dancing to the music. They love our music.
Quez: We was over there for two weeks. We had shows over there, you know what I’m saying? We had a good time over there.
Ali: You know they got that coffee shop over there. Mmm. [Laughs]

Your fans love you, especially for your presence on the Internet. You guys drop videos, music, Ustream live—do you think your Internet presence will lessen at all because of your increased profile?
Quez: The label is really just like, they our homeboys, you know what I’m saying? They not really our homeboys, but they like our homeboys. Like, we get to pick and choose ’cause we’re Porter House Music Group. We are our own label, so we get to choose our marketing strategies and the way we go about doing things. So, the label, they really just pushing it, you know what I’m saying? We really have the freedom to do it however we want to, so the Internet—we might buy the Internet. [Laughs]
Strap: A lot of people think we just be on the Internet; we been in streets!
Quez: Yeah, we be in the streets.
Ali: You can’t get here from just being on the Internet.
Strap: For real! [Laughs]

Okay, so tell me a little bit about how Porter House was developed?
Strap: Well really we just started out with our booking agent, our road manager, our manager… It’s just the team we started out with.
Ali: We had a strong team, so we just decided…
Quez: To make it a company.
Strap: We made it Porter House.
Quez: We got in-house everything. We got in-house booking, in-house producer, in-house management, in-house deejay.
Ali: In-house artists.
Quez: So everything’s Porter House. And we been doing this for, like, three years now, so everybody know they role and everybody play it well, so we just get it in.
Strap: Yep, yep.

It’s like a Travis Porter empire you’re building.
Quez: Yeah, we tryna build the Empire up.

Okay. Now with all the great things that are happening for ATL artists, there are some bad things going on too—T.I.’s jail situation, for example. What are your thoughts on that?
Strap: We just gotta stay out these folks face really. The police want the rappers in jail.
Ali: Just stay away from negativity.
Strap: Yeah, the police want you in jail, so don’t ride dirty.
Quez: Ah look, really the police just don’t want you to have they daughters out there going crazy.
Ali: That’s what our music do. T.I. music. Gucci Mane music. They be gettin’ wasted, you know..
[All laugh]
Ali: You know what I’m saying? They having a good time…
Strap: Tip, keep your head up. Free Lil’ Boosie.
Quez: Yeah, free Lil’ Boosie, man.

Your A&R, Jeff Sledge, mentioned that he attended the Movie Premiere and there were so many different ethnicities and age groups that were in the audience. Did you know that your music would touch so many different generations and backgrounds like it does?
I never knew our music would do that. With the things we talk about. The things we talk about?
Quez: People be tweeting about they grandma in the car going crazy to “Go Shorty Go.”
Strap: Or they mama…
Quez: Or riding with they mama listening to Travis Porter. It makes us feel good. Makes us feel like Atlanta is the mecca of everything, man. Of music. Like, for real.  

Any collaborations you guys are working on or looking forward to doing in the future?
Quez: I say, Jeezy, Yeezy, and Weezy.
Strap: Andre 3 Stacks, Tip, and umm…[long pause] Master P! Nah, I take that last one off [laughs].
Ali: Chris Brown for the ladies, too.
Quez: And Trey Songz.
Ali: And Drake
Quez: Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Drake.

Now, you already know with success comes… the groupies!
[All laugh]

How you dealing with all the groupie love?
Strap: It’s a blessing [laughs].
Ali: Every night there’s a ton of females that I can’t handle.
Quez: Shout out to the groupies! They just real, big thirsty fans.
Strap: That’s a blessing to have groupies [laughs]. 

Any last thoughts or things you want to say to the fans?
 Follow us on our Twitter @IamTravisPorter.
Strap: And you’ll know everything that’s coming up.
Quez: Matter fact, we got the “Make It Rain” video about to drop. Soon and, like, soon. But uh, the mixtape drops on the top of the year. Just more new music.
Strap: We appreciate the love…