Off The Radar With Sucio Smash: Feat. Raekwon, DJ Premier & KRS-One


I’m back in effect and I came through with a very important announcement, we need to kill the term “Old School”. Why not CLASSIC, PERFECT  or even MASTER PIECE? Only in Black culture do we see acts being disrespected or looked down at because they are “old.” You don’t see many kids walking around with Public Enemy or EPMD shirts but you see kids walking around with Iron Maiden and AC/DC tees. Imagine Taylor Swift saying “f*ck Dolly Parton!” You can’t can you? We don’t need “Old School at Noon” we need “Classics at Noon”. I encourage all of you (artists included) to dead that term. Go ahead try it, it might benefit all of you 10 yrs from now.

Now lets hit you with some Classic sh*t! —@SucioSmash


1. DJ Premier Feat. KRS-One & Grand Puba


It’s all about strong statements today so lets just get this out of the way: Dr. Dre is NOT the greatest producer in hip-hop. Never was, DEFINITELY never will be (we can argue all that in the comments, if you like). He’s one of the greats though, so please spare my life when I go to L.A. DJ Premier on the other hand is too humble to say he’s the greatest. I will say this though, he has a better argument on this case. Exibit A: Group Home  “Livin Proof.” And exhibit Z: “5%”. Here, Preem does what he does best, hard-hitting hip-hop that makes the MCs sound better than they have in recent memory. Kris breaks down the science on the Five Percent Nation with the help of classic Five Percenter Grand Puba. Pay attention, do the knowledge and support quality. Cop DJ Premier’s Year Round Records… Get Used To Us compilation album out now!


2. Dres (Of Black Sheep) Feat. Psycho Les

“Important Fact”

More Classics for y’all, Dres of Black Sheep and Psycho Les of the Beatnuts team up on this cut off Dres’ new album “Of The Black Pool Of Genius.” I’m still trying to figure out what Les flipped for this track but one thing is clear, this joint bangs! Props to Dres for picking this beat and not making a song about getting money and acting dumb instead he made a song about being smart with your money, everything is clear by the hook: “After you get the dough/crips before whips/whips before jewels/rock jewels with clips/dough goes with fam/fam before friends/friends before fools/stick to the plan”. Not all rappers are dumb, who knew ah? Les always finds a way to kill me with lines like “I get money like Donald Trump/put your bottles up I don’t give a f*ck wave a McDonalds cup” and “I’ma hit ‘chu with a big drum beater/’cause Im a Beat Nut and you just a nut beater.” You are a Beatnut indeed brother.


3. Raekwon

“Butter Knifes”

At some point in the past few years Raekwon realized what his fans want and need from him and he hasn’t strayed too far away from the original recipe that allowed him to be a part of a few classic albums. “Butter Knifes” sounds like a track that could’ve been a part of the first Wu run of the ’90s complete with Kung-Fu movie samples and all. This joint is off Rae’s upcoming album Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang. Let’s hope the album follows the same formula. Hey Rae, do you still have them black Mutombos?


4. Celph Titled & Buckwild Feat. Treach (Of Naughty By Nature)

“Out To Lunch”

I like a Celph Titled track, who knew? And it’s not just because he’s rocking over a ’90s Buckwild beat, or the fact he has who in my opinion holds the title for the most underrated MC in hip-hop (Treach) or because Mista Sinista (X-Ecutioners) is on the cuts. No, Celph Titled got himself a dope track, scratch that, he got himself a dope album (“Nineteen Ninety Now”). “Out To Lunch” almost got the skip because of the “reggae inspired” hook (remember when they were running around in hip-hop at one point?) but as soon as Celph started rhyming I was sold. Lines like “cause when I lash out I rip eye lashes out” are good in my book. And this is not even the best cut on the album.


5. Doo Wop & Pete Rock

“Rhythmatic Explosion”


Apparently Pete Rock will be producing five albums next year and it looks like one of them will be a collaboration with mixtape legend Doo Wop. The Bounce Master and the Chocolate Boy Wonder connect to bring us “Rhythmatic Explosion”. The DJ/MC rocks two quick verses over a vintage-sounding Pete Rock beat that will make your speakers beg for you to lower the bass. “You a nerf this is real balling Gilbert Arenas zero on shirt (why?)/that’s ‘cause I am better than first.”

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