Off The Radar With Sucio Smash: Feat. Skyzoo & Illmind, Q-Unique And Rah Digga


Finding good music is like finding a nice place to eat. There are a lots of choices out there, some are cheap and mass-produced (McDonalds). Others are harder to come by and don’t have that many locations but once you find that place you know its worth the extra effort.

Luckily for you I like good and healthy food, so let me take you to lunch… my treat. @SucioSmash



“The Winners Circle”

“I got it! I will make a song about Lebron James and his decision”… You know what? On paper this sounds like the worst idea EVER. Leave it up to Skyzoo and Illmind to make this a dope-ass record. Over a beat that will make you zone the f-ck out, Skyzoo takes on King James’ role and paints a vivid picture dropping lines like, “So I’m out here in Greenich/button-up image/My decision decided/bulls’ eye winning/Boys and Girls club sitting with Jim Gray/The discussion is: If or when will things change?” Go cop Live From The Tape Deck—it’s a great album, trust me. 



“Crack Era”

They say never judge a book by its cover—well I say never judge a song by its title. I was sooo ready to hate on this; good thing I pressed play. Crack Era finds Q-Unique kicking a first-man narrative about the crack era. With lines like “The late ’80s crack was running rampant and teenage love turn to when babies made babies” and “Streets ain’t the same and had a Hollywood makeover/others caked off when we should’ve probably take over” you get an idea of how it was in the City of Dreams not too long ago. Peep the video as well, nice!  Between Heaven & Hell out now.


“No Chaser”

 Criminally sleep on: Those are the best three words to describe Big Tone. What else do you need to be popular? Skills, check; production, check (he produces); affiliation, check (Dilla, Dwele). So why are heads not up on Tone like they should? While I wait for that answer, let me provide more evidence of his talent. “No Chaser” is a track off his self-produced EP Flesh & Sole and it plays out as his personal biography. He takes us from his childhood to his beginnings in the Detroit hip-hop scene to finally finding himself.




 Rah Digga and Nottz team up to bring us “Classic,” the title track of their recently released collaborative album. Digga sounds right at home over Nottz hard drums and guitar riffs. No sweet talk here, its all about that Jersey braggadocio. “I am that breed they’re intrigued / girl flow don’t stop like hemophiliacs bleed.”



“Army Fatigue Rap”

When done correctly, hip-hop is such an amazing artform. This song is an example of why I am a fan of this sh-t. Peep the chops, peep the flows, peep the punchlines, peep the delivery. When I heard Kev Brown and Kaimbr were doing a project sampling nothing but Al Green (one of my faves EVER, “I’m Glad You’re Mine,” anyone?), I was in. After this song I’m eagerly waiting. The Alexander Green Project will be out in January. Join me as I wait on line—not online, ha! (here’s to hoping for vinyl).

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