From Rikers Island To The Carter: DJ Scoob Doo Talks Lil Wayne’s Homecoming


When you think of the of people closest to Lil Wayne, only a few names outside of the Young Money Cash Money family come to mind. Weezy’s tight knit circle is impenetrable; teflon. Making the exception for hollow tips, few are able to get past his outer layer and inside to the core of Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter.

Upon his release from Rikers Island on Nov 4th, 2010, there have been only a handful of cameras fortunate enough to capture the Martian. However, the most personal moments in Wayne’s homecoming were caught by close friend and unofficial videographer DJ Scoob Doo. As a part of Weezy’s inner circle, Young Money’s resident cameraman took VIBE from Rikers Island back to the Carter.—Mikey Fresh



VIBE: Can you reveal you current location, Scoob?

DJ Scoob Doo: Right now, I’m on the 3rd floor of The Carter, working non-stop and as you know The Carter is located in Miami now.

So you’re filming for Nino Brown 4 already? People are still waiting for Part 3.

You’re one of the few people who got to see the masterpiece. I actually got to show Wayne the Nino Brown 3 DVD after he got out of jail. I can’t wait for it to hit the streets.

The moments you capture with Wayne are so candid. What do you think is the best part of filming with him?

I’d say just seeing the reaction of Wayne being extra happy and joyful and being able to catch all that. Somebody like Wayne, he doesn’t let a lot of people around him. So it’s harder to catch historic things that he does. When I have the cameras around him, it’s not like he’s acting or changing what he does. My footage is real moments in his life.

What was Weezy’s mindstate like before he went in?

I think life was moving so fast for him before he went in that he knew what he was doing but there were other things occupying his mind. So for him to see what he did before he went in was priceless.

Can you take us through what it was like on the day he was released?

Everybody thought he was coming out of the regular exit, just like any other inmate. And the gates would open like in The Shawshank Redemption, but it wasn’t nothing like that because Wayne is such a high profile person.

How did it really go down?

There were some measures taken to avoid a riot from all the people gathered outside of the jail and move him out of Rikers unknowingly. People were still at the jail after he left because he went out a special way. I think it was the first time they allowed something like that. Wayne had his Maybach come and get him from inside the jail. Once that happened, we all met him at an undisclosed location and that’s where the family was waiting for him. Really, closed off from the outside world.

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