Royce Reed Talks New Friendships On Basketball Wives, Avoiding Drama

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Royce Reed, Basketball Wives’ former wild child has done some growing up since season one. She chatted with VIBE about new love and new friendships on the show. ⎯Starrene Rhett

What did you learn about yourself from going through the experience of taping season one?

When I go back and I look at season one, especially with the first couple of episodes, I definitely believe I’ve grown a lot. I’ve matured a lot and I’ve definitely been a lot more cognizant of my actions and I probably won’t be doing any more pool parties [laughs]. I believe that everything happens for a reason and a lot of my lessons were learned from being put on TV so I guess the world grew up with me or, saw me grow up rather than just being behind closed doors but I definitely look at this as a stepping stone for me furthering my career in entertainment because my major was theater. It’s something that I’ve always been involved in but I definitely think it caused me to grow up in a different way.

Looking back, what would you have changed?

I can’t say that I would change anything. I mean, I can say that I wish I had never done the pool party but then I wouldn’t have learned from it so I definitely wouldn’t say I would change anything but if I had to do it all over again, of course I wouldn’t have done the pool party. I wouldn’t have confronted Gloria the way that I did and I just would have been a lot more mature and ladylike. And as far as my realness goes, that will always stay. I’m still my free spirit and I still don’t dress in $3,000 outfits⎯I’m still me but I don’t think I would change anything because, like I said, then I wouldn’t be the person that I am now.

Do you still feel like an outcast now that you’ve experienced season two?

That’s a weird question because being an outcast kind of makes it sound like I want to be in their circle when I really don’t. I always said I never wanted to be a Sunbeam [laughs]. I definitely don’t necessarily fit in with them but I am a lot more comfortable around them because I know how they are and I accept them for who they are, but as far as me saying, “These are my girls we can hang out,” I’m probably closer to Ashley and Suzie vs. Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen. We just don’t have a whole lot in common. They’re cool and I don’t have any hard feelings toward them but we definitely wouldn’t be doing lunch every week.

Who takes on the black sheep role now that there are new women coming on and Gloria will be appearing less?

I def think Ashley takes on the black sheep character but the difference is Ashley really doesn’t care. That’s actually not a difference because didn’t care but Ashley doesn’t even try. She’s just like, “Y’all don’t like me? Ok, cool. Next” [laughs]. I actually tried but she’s just like, whatever, she’s good. I tried to get her to hang out with them on occasion but she’s like, “Nope. Not again.”

You, Suzie and Ashley seem like you guys will be interesting together.

Yeah, when the three of us⎯me, Ashley and Suzie⎯hang out we genuinely have fun. I would say with Evelyn, Jen and Shaunie it’s like⎯I can’t even necessarily say it’s drama but it is. On top of that it’s like, it’s always talking about somebody or it’s always talking about some dramatic situation and then I have to worry about them saying I’m playing both sides because I’m friends with this persona and they’re not friends with that person. It’s very high school so like I said I don’t have a problem with anybody. I do get along with everybody but we definitely clash and thus far Ashley, Suzie and me are just fine.

So, we know that Tami is about to go after Jen and Evelyn in a major way. Can you give us a little insight into what set Tami off about those two?

I think what sets Tami off is the same thing that sets everybody else off that watches the show, it’s just that Tami is that chick that is going to call you out and she’s gonna do something about it. She’s not gonna let you throw a drink in her face, she’s not gonna let you call her a bitch. She’s not gonna let you talk to her sideways, so Tami is that chick that other people wanted to be on the show last season and is there now so, you’re definitely gonna see Tami call people out. I love Tami. Tmai can definitely rub people the wrong way sometimes but I, luckily, was never in her line of fire and I thought I was gonna be but she’s totally cool in my book. Me and Tami can hang out every day if she wanted to because she reminds me of a lot of the girls I grew up with and I’m around. It’s like if you try her then she gonna let you know that you tried her and she’s gona do something about it so you wont do it again. Based on the first episode it already seems like you’ve taken on more of a diplomatic role. Isn’t that crazy? I kind of feel like that’s true and I’m like, my, have the tables have turned. I’m one of the youngest ones. Ashley and I are the youngest ones and here I am trying to be peacemaker and I’m like, wait a minute, last time in this situation I was the one that was going back and forth and now I’m sitting here like that’s not gangster. I’m like, if she got something to say, say it to her face and squash it but yeah that’s weird. It’s definitely like that though. I tend to be the one where if you try to have an issue with me I’m that girl that might laugh at you in your face and just say something like, you look really stupid. That tends to bother people more but I don’t really care.