Royce Reed Talks New Love, Fantashique, Forthcoming Novel (Pg. 2)


What’s going on with Fantashique and will we see more of your personal projects this time around?

I hope so. They definitely filmed more of Fantashique and actually filmed a showcase that we did for breast cancer with the guy that I’m with and I hope they see that we’re trained in lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, as well as burlesque but all of the girls come from totally different backgrounds so when we do Fantashique it’s like our escape into our alter egos. Outside of that I also in the works of getting a book published and it’s not an autobiography, everybody’s doing that. It’s basically about life in college and it’s something that I don’t think is really out there. It’s very real and it’s very graphic. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and I’m hoping to make it into a series and then break it off into a franchise. I’ve always been a writer, it’s just not something that I’ve really pursued because everything else was coming quicker but I’m definitely pursuing that now so hopefully that will be coming out and possibly a fitness instructional video.

What are some of the biggest rumors you’ve heard or read about yourself that you want to dispel?

One is that I’m supposed to be crazy. I’m not crazy. I definitely tell it how it is and I don’t bite my tongue but I’m not the person that’s gonna come and show up at your front door and stab you or something. I’m not that chick, it’s not that serious.

Two, as far as the situation that’s going on in my life right now it’s not as serious as the blogs, TMZ and everything else was making it out to be.

You mean, the whole situation where you can’t say Dwight?

I can say Dwight. I just can’t talk about him and his relationship with his son. It is what it is, but whatever. We don’t hate each other. We’re past that, we’re parents.

Three, I don’t know if this is a rumor or not but I’m not single.

Will we be seeing your new guy on the show?

Oh yeah. You’ll probably be seeing him a lot.

What’s his name?

His name is Dwayne he’s a very stylish photographer. He lives in Orlando. We’ve known each other for 11 years. We went to Fam U together so he knows everything about me and I know everything about him⎯the good, the bad, the ugly, everything. And I mean he may possibly be the one, so we’ll see. Braylon absolutely adores him and I love him and obviously he loves me. My parents think he’s the best thing that’s happened to me. He and my brother have been friends for years so all the puzzle pieces are fitting together, so I mean we have our ups and downs but we tend to get them but we’ll see.

Even though you started as friends, was it a struggle for you to open yourself up again to someone romantically?

It was, especially because right before I started dating Dwayne I was dating another guy that I called “Mr. Butterflies.” The girls know about him, we actually talked about him on the show. He runs track and trains in Orlando and he actually stopped talking to me after the first episode aired, so that really really hurt. But Dwayne was just there and I guess over the course of time we just decided to go ahead and take the jump and here we are so, yup! And we waited six months before we did anything. I think that’s on the show too [laughs]. Like I said, sometimes It’s like t.m.i., there were definitely moments where I was like, “Hi mom” [laughs].