Sak Pasé?! Haitians Plan Rally Outside Hot 97 To Protest ‘HIV’ Comment; Want DJ Cipha Sounds Fired


DJ Cipha Sounds, whose real name is Luis Diaz, has ignited an uproar in New York that has rallied Haitian community leaders to protest against his negative comments toward Haitian women. On Friday morning (Dec. 17), Cipha pissed off listeners when he stated, “The reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”

New York Daily News reports that Diaz immediately made an on-air apology for his offensive comment following Twitter and Facebook blasts and retaliation from listeners. The popular radio station even posted the apology to Youtube. 

“I made a stupid, tasteless joke that was a one-liner that was taken totally the wrong way,” he said in an on-air apology. “I want to say sincerely that I apologize.”

The Haitian community is infuriated and plan to rally outside of Hot 97 headquarters on Hudson Street today and request that the longtime DJ be fired. 

To date, Hot 97 has not made any comments about the situation. -Niki McGloster