Shaunie O’Neal Speaks On Dating And Life After A Divorce

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My dating advice to anyone coming out of a marriage is to make sure you’re ready and happy and at a place where you’re ready to date. Then, start out slow because there is no rush. And you can be a picky this time around— definitely be a little choosy. After a second or third time try at love after a marriage you should have figured out what you do and don’t want.  And keep learning things about yourself so that way you’ll be getting yourself together and enjoying yourself at the same time.

So far life after a divorce for me has been great, I’ve been blessed.  You hear stories on how it could be and other people’s experiences that aren’t so good and you figure the worst. There was nothing other than God that got me here. I envisioned it being the worst and it just wasn’t. Things happened and transitions were made easy and it all worked out well. So life after a divorce for me has been really great.—As told to Ronke Idowu Reeves