Shaunie O’Neal Talks Life Today With Ex-Shaq & His Engagement to Hoopz


Being the ex-wife of a basketball player, would you say coupling with an athlete is more dramatic that hooking up with a banker?

I don’t know if it’s necessarily an athlete thing. I don’t want to put it in one slot, but I think it’s anybody who has millions of eyes watching them. I think that’s the huge difference between that person and the banker and his wife. They don’t have a million people watching, having opinions and assuming and making up stuff on them. That’s the most dynamicpart of that type of relationship versus a union that’s the average marriage out there.

So how is your relationship with Shaq now?

We get along great. We talk everyday or every other day and he talks to the kids everyday. I catch him up with what’s going on, on who’s playing what game and where it is. We co parent very well and that was the best thing, that we were able to come to a happy agreement. We both want the kids to be in the best place possible and to be happy. That’s our main goal. We’ve both been able to maintain that and nothing’s gonna change as far as that is concerned. It’s been a good situation because we put the kids first and it works.


You’ve moved on and are in a relationship with your boyfriend Marlon Yates. Now it’s rumored that Shaq’s engagement to Hoopz has been called off. Is that true?

I don’t know. I really can’t speak on that, because I actually have no idea [laughs]. I’ll put it you this way, I read what you read [laughs].


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