Shawnna & Twista Prepping Joint ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Mixtape

Shawnna and Luda may have been each other’s perfect rap counterparts, but the 27-year-old raptress is determined to maintain success outside of Disturbing Tha Peace and hopes a new mixtape with fellow Chi-Towner Twista will do just that.

“We got a big market for the type of mid-west rap we do. It can be a Bonnie & Clyde thing with that and that’s just extra paper. Who don’t want extra paper?,” she says. “Aside from ‘Getting Some,’ ‘R.P.M.’ with me, Twista and Luda was my other successful record so we want to stay locked with that. Twista always has me on my toes and I love that.”

Shawnna says she’s also prepared for the rush of criticism she’ll receive from those comparing the as-yet-untitled mixtape to her abandoned Battle Of The Sexes project with Ludacris. “It would be different though. Battle Of The Sexes… the subject matter was relationships. On the mixtape me and Twista are just going to go hard. We’re not going to put too much thought into it, we’re just going to go in and rock out. He ride the beat, I ride the beat,” she says. 

“Any project I do with a male, they’re going to compare it to [BOTS] so I can’t get away from that. People are really going to have to calm down and think because we’re not talking about a woman and male’s view on the same topic.”

Shawnna and Twista are preparing to release their mixtape in 2011. Their first collaboration off it “Hide & Seek” hit the net in April.

In October 2009, Shawnna officially announced her departure from DTP. She is currently signed to T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment.



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