Talk Show Host Campaigns For Diddy Guest Appearance With Twitter Hashtag #DiddyGethard

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Diddy-Dirty Money gave two killer performances as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend (Dec. 4), supporting Goodfella Robert DeNiro. While VIP guests attacking the talent for photos and autographs after the show is nothing new, one of those guests had a different goal in mind.

Chris Gethard, a comedian and actor from The Upright Citizens Brigade (Aziz Ansari, Donald Glover), has been on a relentless campaign to host Diddy on his monthly show at the UCB theatre in Manhattan. It seems like a daunting task to get one of the world’s most successful recording artists and entrepreneurs to a small grimy theatre located on the basement of a Gristedes supermarket. But Mr. Gethard (not pronounced get-hard) and his army of tweeters were up to the challenge.

Gethard’s campaign started Christmas 2009, when he first pursued celebrities to host at his monthly show at the UCB. “I tweeted and got all my followers to tweet at Al Roker. He (Roker) took notice of the tweets and said he wanted nothing to do with my show,” Gethard explained. Roker let down Gethard softly with a “Sorry, I’m outta town that weekend” tweet, and Diddy was a natural second choice. “I thought, who is the person you would least expect me to have on my show? I am the nerdiest White dude you have ever seen—I had to get Diddy!”

It took Diddy a little more time to react to Gethard’s second celebrity Twitter initiative, but after a few days, Chris got a call from Puff himself. “We spoke on New Year’s and he told me he was interested.” After a month past by, Gethard made this video.

The campaign had lost steam, but Chris kept pursuing through the spring and summer. “Diddy finally called me back on 9/11, of all days. He said he was still still interested.” Chris did not hold his breathe. However, when SNL announced their musical guest lineup this season, Gethard saw an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Combs at his Dec. 4 appearance. “I had a lot of connections at SNL, I know a lot of the cast members and writers from the theatre.” Among them was Amy Poehler, who founded the UCB theatre. “During the show, my friends alerted the music department, who informed Diddy ‘the guy from Twitter’ was here.”

Then Chris and Diddy finally met. Chris had the camera rolling as he recorded a new video, in which Diddy immediately broke into apology mode. He reassured Chris that #diddygethard is still alive, only if you tweet it.

#diddygethard was the #5 trending topic in New York this morning. Diddy has yet to acknowledge it. “I hope it happens in 2011,” Gethard says of the long-postponed P. Diddy appearance. “2012 is the end of the world, so its next year or never.” —Robbie Sokolowsky

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