Trending Topics: @LaLa Breaks Down Her Most Interesting Tweets [Pg 2.]


The Tweet: “im only going to say this once I DON’T HAVE BOOTY IMPLANTS! Im too scared to get them plus i heard it’s really uncomfortable 2 sit down! LOL”
The Tale: I don’t know anyone with butt implants; just butt shots. I have neither… and [Kim Kardashian] doesn’t either. I guess it’s a compliment, but some things just sound silly. [If I were to wear butt pads] it would have to be the right one. [Laughs] But I don’t need it. 

The Tweet: Ok I just saw two dolphins having sex..I’m a little traumatized… *veryweirdinanaggressivekindofway* WOW”
The Tale: I’ve never seen anything like that! This [penis] came out and went into the other dolphin’s little slit… and their thing just goes back inside. That’s why you never see it. I don’t think Kiyan saw, but parents were like, “Okay, kids, come on.” I walked away while Melo took pictures. [Laughs] 

The Tweet: Ok what’s going on here?!? I’ve never had this much of a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym… #stayfocused”
The Tale: I’ll work out every day, then all of a sudden don’t want to. My weight goes up and down. It’s a constant battle. I look at pictures from 19 and say, “Whoa I was kinda heavy.” But the days of [hiding] my stomach or that pocket of fat between your arm and boob—that’s just not it. 

The Tweet: “The things me and @serenawilliams talk about are hilarious. To know her is too definitely love her! But on that tennis court..WATCH OUT!”
The Tale: There’s always a joke between me and Serena. One time we went to some random ’hood Queens club with no security. We laughed watching people be like, “Wait, was that… ?” We left after an hour, before anything could’ve gotten crazy. Just went back to the hotel cracking up the whole time.

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