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Trending Topics: @LaLa Breaks Down Her Most Interesting Tweets [Pg 3.]

The Tweet: "LOL! Mel’s gonna get u 4 sayin that RT @NICKIMINAJ: Just beat @carmeloanthony and @lalavazquez in Spades. Lmao. *sigh* good night yall!"
The Tale: This was the first time we hung out—July 4 weekend. We’d been talking on Twitter, and Melo and I were having people over so I invited her. We played for four hours talking mess. She’s actually really good. When people say they play spades, you never know if they’re just saying that. But she did not beat us! 

The Tweet: "Come get these bird seeds I left for you @ihatekatstacks ... I AINT THE ONE.. I’m only gonna to tell you ONE time"
The Tale: I wasn’t surprised [by Kat Stacks’ tweet to Carmelo]— you’re not surprised by people like that. [She] doesn’t fit anything I stand for. I could’ve done better in that situation. I never want to give negativity more shine. No one looked at me in a negative way, but I regret [that tweet]. 

The Tweet: "Ran into Halle Berry today..that women amazes me..."
The Tale: [Me and Halle] usually cross paths when working out— we share the same trainer, [Gunnar Peterson]. She grinds for that body. People don’t see that. There’s something about being in sweats while talking about our kids. She’ll end with, “I hope Gunnar doesn’t kill you like he killed me!” It’s amazing to see a successful person remain so personable. 

The Tweet: "Bare w/ me I’m going to tweet about my pink range rover being 4 sale on ebay, everyday a couple times a day for a week"
The Tale: A magenta Range Rover attracts a lot of attention in L.A. I remember these Arabian princesses cutting me off saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this!” People were having photo shoots in front of the car! But as my popularity grew, it was harder to maneuver. I would always think someone was following me at night. Had to let it go. 

The Tweet: "Its so easy to point fingers and criticize other people but whens the last time we took a good look in our own backyard? #fact"
The Tale: Everyone has their breaking point. Something I’ve heard is, “You never see her with her son.” That’s bullshit. I don’t even have a live-in nanny or babysitter—that’s not the way I parent my son. I’m here with him every day. When you hear that... that’s just a real slap in the face. 

The Tweet: "Where are my cd’s @kimkardashian???!!!!!" 
The Tale: Kim makes really good mixed CDs—usually hip-hop. I know people do the whole iPod thing, but it’s cool for someone to hand you a CD with 15 songs, old-school style. She even blends them all! I’ll be in the car with Melo, and he’s like, “Damn this is dope!”  

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Adidas And SoundCloud Team Up To Support Emerging Creatives

Adidas Originals and SoundCloud have partnered up to the support the new workforce in the United States: the creatives. The sportswear giant and SoundCloud's latest initiative is to highlight the professional lives of creatives and what exactly goes into their pursuit of their passion. Together, the two brands will give creators the space to share their journeys to the public through their new podcast, 5-to-9.

The name of the podcast was birthed from the notion that creators transition from their 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. jobs to their "5 to 9." The first episode of the podcast has already been released and it features upcoming artist, G.L.A.M, speaking on her growth as a creative.


This partnership was created because the two brands "know creators will do whatever it takes to support their passion, from working a desk job to waiting tables they find a way to get paid and invest in their careers." Both adidas Original and SoundCloud invite any and all creators to submit their stories of how their day jobs turned into a "'Nite' hustle" for a chance to win the 'Nite Hustle' starter pack: a pair of adidas Originals Nite Joggers, three months of SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, and SoundCloud's premium creator subscription. The two brands believe that the starter pack (specifically the SoundCloud components) are the best tools and resources for creatives to reach their full potential. To enter, just head here.

SoundCloud and adidas Originals plan to bring creatives' stories to life, and give them a helping hand while at it.

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Alabama Deputy On Leave After Comments About Gay Teen's Suicide

An Alabama deputy has been placed on leave after making insensitive comments on social media about a teen who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied for his sexual orientation.

According to reports, the officer has been with the Madison County Sheriff's Office in Huntsville for 12 years and sparked backlash for referring to LGBTQ qualms as "a fake movement which requires no special attention but by persons with an altered ego and fake agenda."

"Liberty. Guns. Bible. Trump. BBQ. That’s my kind of LGBTQ. I’m seriously offended that there is such a thing such as this movement," the deputy allegedly wrote in a Facebook post. "Society cannot and should not accept this behavior. I have a right to be offended and will always be offended by this fake movement which requires no special attention but by persons with an altered ego and fake agenda.”

The law enforcement officer defended his statement as freedom of speech before it was taken down. It was made in reference to 15-year-old Nigel Shelby who took his own life Thursday (April 18) after being bullied for being gay.

In a statement, Monday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office revealed a deputy had been placed on leave, while Local sheriff Kevin Turner offered kind words to the friends and family of Nigel Shelby.

Turner said: “Bullying of any group or person in or outside of schools is unacceptable, and I welcome any and all efforts to raise awareness to bullying and bring bullying to a stop. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is proud of the community support and engagement we have received over the years, and we look forward to growing those community partnerships.”


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Jay-Z's Foundation Is Helping Kids Visit Black Colleges

With accepted students days happening on college campuses across the country, the timing of Jay-Z's foundation's newest endeavor is right on the money. The Shawn Carter Foundation is teaming up with Toyota to launch an HBCU college tour for prospective students.

The week-long tour will take selected high-achieving students to visit 11 historically black colleges and universities located along the East Coast from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, Georgia. While on this tour, selected students will be able to meet with college admissions counselors as well as former Shawn Carter Foundation scholars. Over 125 schools in the New York/New Jersey area have been invited to take part in some of the college prep workshops that will lead up to the tour. Then in September, administrator-selected students will tap into weekend ACT/SAT prep sessions that also touch on resume skills and dressing for success.

Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter, 93.9 WKYS radio personality Angie Ange and Creative Writing M.F.A. Candidate Candice Wong (the latter two of whom are Howard University alumni) will kick off the 2019 Shawn Carter Foundation College Bus Tour on Howard's campus this week.

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