Tricky Stewart Talks Possible 4th The-Dream Album + ‘Love King’ Disappointment


After releasing his third album Love King in June, Terius “The-Dream” Nash left plenty of stans underwhelmed with what supposed to be the final disc in his Love trilogy.

But Dream’s closest collaborator, super-producer Tricky Stewart is close to positive that there will indeed be one more album from the radio killa to make up for the disappointment. “I can’t really speak on why people didn’t like the record, but there were different things, Dream’s marketing person left right in the middle of his campaign and went to another label. So it was basically out there without the marketing component being in place,” he explains.

“As an artist sometimes you get those little bumps, but I definitely feel Dream wanted to create three great albums. He’s going to tell every story and some stories are more popular than others. This last one wasn’t given the opportunity to perform the way that it should. So I’m pretty sure there will be one more album to make that trilogy all the way [complete] where you could just say Love/Hate, Love vs. Money and whatever that last one would be.” 

Love Hate was The-Dream’s first album where Tricky did not have a heavy production hand. “We had some projects that went in too long. Ciara being one of them,” he laughs. “I was also working on Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Burelesque so it was just one of those things where we were both working and then I didn’t get a chance to get in there except [to do] “Panties To The Side”

Tricky also denied that Dream’s personal life with Christina Milian had any effect on his creative process and adamantly believes that the public will be forgiving of his talented partner. “Obviously those things are factors, but we live in the most forigiving society and if we make the records that the world wants to hear I’m pretty sure we’ll be rewarded. If we have the hottest record on the radio I doubt anyone will turn it off.”

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