V Exclusive: Mario Opens Up About His Arrest, Love Life, Music & Label Riff


Don’t judge an R&B singer by his songs, sometimes life becomes more about the blues than rhythm. In early October, blogs lit up with posts stating that Mario had been arrested in Baltimore for physically assaulting his mother, a recovering crack addict, during a heated argument. A month later the 24-year-old singer’s mother retracted her statement, leaving Mario a free man. But is life back to normal? VIBE caught up with the still-charming artist to see where his head, heart and music is at. 


VIBE: From an outside perspective it seems as if the second half of 2010 has been pretty stressful for you and you’ve been pretty incognito these last months. Where’s your head been at?

Mario: I’m a real person and I’ve always kept my personal life sheltered from the blogs. My head, personally outside of music, is [focused on] getting to a place where I can continue to grow as the best man possible. Because one day—fuck the music, fuck the blogs— I’m going to be a father and I don’t want the things that I go through in this industry to effect my family. 

Definitely. What’s your relationship like with your mother now?
Not to go into exactly what happened that night, because to others [my life] is a little game to play because they think they know. At the end of the day whatever goes on at home stays at home. I’m just glad to be vindicated. I care about my mother’s health more than anything and her getting back on my feet. It really doesn’t matter what happened to me. And she’ll tell you herself that I’ve always been there for her and will continue to be there for her. 

How did you react when reading blog posts that adamantly stating you beat your mother?
I mean… I’m a pretty strong person and I’ve been that way all my life. I feel like some people are immature and can’t even imagine a family setting like when I grew up. And then there’s some people that are like ‘Yo I support him.’ But I don’t want a pity party, I can deal with issues on my own. People like to bring people down, it makes people feel powerful. I’m a real man, I’m not a coward. I can sit and listen to a woman argue and curse and still be like ‘Baby can we sit down and talk about this?’ That’s a real man. A real man’s supposed to be a leader. Point blank period. 

I think what made people more skeptical was at first reading news that you put your hands on your mother then later reading that she retracted that statement. What’s the truth? 
I’m not going to get into details out of respect for myself and my mother but I’ll tell you this, if I had put my hands on my mother the way the press said I did and the way she initially did… I would be in jail. Come on, if you put your hands on a woman in this country you’re going to suffer consequences in some type of way. The case was thrown out of court… I was in there for 5 minutes and they dismissed everything.

So for the record, you did not touch your mother in any way?