V Exclusive: T.I. Performs ‘I Still Love You’ On ‘VH1 Storytellers’ [VIDEO]

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Before he was re-sent to prison, VIBE’s Dec/Jan cover man T.I. shot an intimate episode of Vh1 Storytellers in New York City. VIBE was in the audience, and at times the crowd got super hyped and at times T.I. got super personal. This clip finds the ATL trapper performing the song “I Still Love You” for the first time on a public stage.

Pull quote: “At the time I was recording this record, I was dealing with three very, very close and personal situations at the time. One, I had just separated from a longstanding relationship with the young lady who had my two oldest sons and you know how it is. You 16, 17 years old in a relationship, at the time you make all the promises in the world and you actually mean it, believe it or not… The second thing I was dealing with was my pops had just died.” Peep this sneak peek of the episode airing on Vh1 on Friday, December 10 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.