Verna Fogg Crafts Trendy, Edgy Jewelry Line ‘Vina Amor’


There are endless possibilities for the growing jewelry line designed by Brooklynite Verna Fogg. The 20-something-year-old graphic designer launched this edgy and funky, very Nubian-esque line, Vina Amor, when she realized creating what ladies love was the one thing in her life that completed her. 

The concept of the line lies all in the name.

“Vina means to want, to yearn. And, of course Amor is love. So, I just want people to want and love my jewelry,” she says. 

Using the attention-grabbing powers of social media networks and gaining the opportunity to display her pieces at Lexx Perry’s Supernova Boutique in her native borough, the bubbly creator has made many heads turn and take notice of the statement pieces she crafts. Although she looks up to prominent jewelry designers Betsey Johnson and Patricia Field, she draws direct influence for her work from her everyday experiences.

“The story behind [the Fire earrings] is I had a whole bunch of material in front of me one day, and I was just so mad at my parents ‘cause I just finished having an argument with them. And I just took a knife and just started slicing mad pieces, just cutting and cutting, not thinking. Then I look down and see all these shreds, and I’m [thiking] I could do something with this.”

The imaginative designer was used to coming up with ideas for jewelry on a whim. Never quite satisfied with her store-bought accessories, Fogg would always completely disassemble and transform them into a new design—the perfect reason to do her own thing. 

Since Vina Amor came alive back in March 2010, it quickly caught the eye of some famous fashionistas. Model Eva Pigford, 106 & Park host Rocsi and Dirty Money singer Dawn have all been spotted rockin’ the bold, yet affordable pieces.

Having some of the leading ladies in the industry wearing her boldest pieces makes Fogg excited but never slows her upward stride. She is currently branching out into custom logo pins for companies and businesses, planning to work with iconic names one day.

“I would like to make custom jewelry for movies or, like, Disney. I want contracts with stores… just a whole bunch of stuff. ‘Cause it’s not just jewelry that I do. I have my degree in graphic design, so I could do more than that.” 

The future of Vina Amor in 2011 will include an expansion of the 20-piece collection. -Niki McGloster 

PHOTO CREDIT: Taj Washington