Year In Review: A Visual Recap Of Young Money’s 2010 (Featuring Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim & Rihanna)



While Lil Wayne was holding down Rikers, his proactive squad kept the blogs and the block hot. VIBE sketched out their hectic 2010, and called Young Money president Mack Maine to caption the moments

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Illustration: Mike Tompson

(1) Drake Drops His Debut Album, Thank Me Later
“It was like a baby being born, and really the birth of Young Money becoming official.”

(2) Lil Wayne Goes to Jail for Gun Possession
“When they handcuffed him in the courtroom, I was like, ‘This is unreal,’ to see my little brother slash best friend going in.”

(3) Lil Wayne Gets Caught With an iPod at Rikers
“It’s a gift and a curse, because 30 days in the hole is better than doing the full year.”

(4) Nicki Minaj Fires Her Manager, Deb Antney, and Reportedly Hires Diddy
“I have nothing to do with that. Please call my lawyer.”

(5) Lil’ Kim Takes Shots at Nicki Minaj
“[Kim] had a few words, but that’s not beef. I was never really interested in what she said.”

(6) Drake Raps About Being Played By Rihanna on “Fireworks”
“That’s a chapter in his life that people wanted to know about. He shouldn’t try to hide it.”

(7) Drake and Nicki Minaj Get Married For Fake
“I already knew they were playing.”

(8) Lil Wayne and Shanell Deny Baby Rumors
“Nine months passed [and] Shanell was still doing shows. Just a bad rumor.”

(9) Drake Rumored To Be Hooking Up With Video Vixen Maliah Michel
“I can’t talk about his love life. That’s his friend, and he thinks she’s cool.”

(10) Lil Twist Befriends Justin Bieber
“Twist knows how to maneuver. I really think he knows how to do that Inception thing, where he catch you while you sleeping and plant it in your mind, like, ‘I have to meet this little guy Lil Twist.’”

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