Bow Wow Reflects On His Absent Father: ‘I Always Think About Him’

While overseas in Switzerland, Bow Wow was hit with an overpowering personal moment.

From the balcony of his hotel suite which was complete with a stunning view of the ocean, the young rapper/actor was overtaken with emotion.

“I just wish my father was here to see this shit, he’s supposed to be around. My pops is supposed to see this shit. I done took my momma all around the world—back and forth,” he continues.

“I would love for my father to see this, being that I haven’t had my father in my life for over half of it. Damn near most of it, due to alcohol. My father’s an alcoholic. It hurts at times, but I always think about him and make sure he’s okay. I don’t hate him. I just wish that he was here.”

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