Broke Phi Broke: Signs That You Ain’t Trickin’ ‘Cause You Ain’t Got It


Good money management is necessary to being financially fabulous. Trying to keep up with the Joneses can lead you into a steep debt, if you’re not routinely priopritzing your spending habits. There are plenty of thrifty options–vintage shops, annual sales, and a plethora of discounts–that can stop you from marching into a personal recession while purchasing a new pair of shoes or buying some new accesories. Shopping and spending money makes the world go ’round, but losing control over essential expenses won’t allow you to pump cash into the economy. You’ll just be broke down vixen. Now is the time to evaluate yourself! Here are key signs from Coco & Creme that you’re living beyond your means:

1. You have exactly $100 to live off for the next two weeks and an empty fridge, but you’re seriously considering spending (or have spent) your last bit of scratch on those cute stilettos you’ve been lusting after.

2.Your phone is constantly blowing up leading everyone to think that you’re living a life of rally full of hot parties with even hotter dates when it’s actually the army of bill collectors that have been after you for months.

3. All right, it’s time to hit the club and show off your smoking moves and hotter outfit, but you can’t get in because a.) there’s no gas in the car or b.) you can’t afford the cover charge leaving you all dressed up with no where to go.

4. Your friends are bragging about buying their first house or paying off their students loans. You’re absolutely ecstatic about your new Gucci boots while contemplating taking out a payday loan.

Are you living fabulous or living in financial ruin?