Bun B Completes His First Day At Rick University


UGK rapper Bun B is a legend. Not just any legend, but one that is most certainly revered in the rap game. There’s a lot that a person can learn through his raps, but he’s decided to take his lessons to the classrooms of Rice University.

According to The Boombox’s reports of Professor Trill’s (that’s what his students call him) first day of class, the Texas emcee was pretty normal giving out a syllabus and required reading for his course, Religion and Hip-Hop.

In a Houston radio interview, the “Put It Down” rapper explained the relationship between hip-hop and the spirituality listeners don’t always take note of.

“Hip-hop artists and musicians, their religion comes into play a lot more during the course of making their music than people would think because a lot of music is geared toward the club and partying and all that,” Bun said. “A lot of times people go through a lot of serious life choices throughout the course of their career, may it either be the music, the business, the people around them or the choices that they make. A lot of that comes into conflict with their religion, if their Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, even Buddhists. Whatever your religion may be.”

As much as the press will keep up with the happenings of Bun B’s classroom, there won’t be a daily reporting. However, one can only imagine what it’s like learning about hip-hop and religion from Mr. Trill himself. Is he strict? Does he grade on a curve? Is he willing to answer questions after class?

Bun laughs off anything he may face while teaching. 

“I’m totally prepared, I’m from P.A. [Port Arthur, Texas], so not much can shake me up. I used to work with Pimp C, so it’s very hard to throw me off.”