Cat Fight! Marjorie Harvey Filing Defamation Lawsuit Against Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife


Steve Harvey ‘s current wife Marjorie Harvey has hired an attorney to fight the allegations that she was the mistress in Steve Harvey’s previous marriage to Mary Shackelford.

“As a wife and a mother, I cannot stand back and allow the defamation of my character or actions that will malign my family,” Mrs. Harvey said in a statement released to Black Voices by her attorney. “So, I will do what I need to do to the greatest extent of the law.” Shackelford released a YouTube video yesterday alleging that Steve Harvey was a serial cheater who left her for high and dry for his current wife, and turned their teenage son against her. Mr. Harvey took to his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday (Jan.24) to address the salacious allegations.

“The part that’s hurtful in this is my wife and children had to be drugged [sic] into this,” he said on-air. “If you’re going to be vindictive go ahead and aim it at me, but my son is coming in the room crying and that’s also her son, so why would you do this?”

He was urged not to personally respond so that he wouldn’t be held in contempt of the court’s gag orders imposed on him and Schackleford. This sounds messy. You know what they say about women scorned… [Black Voices]