Chris Brown Requests To Have Restraining Order Against Rihanna Removed


According to RadarOnline, Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday afternoon for a progress hearing regarding his request to have his restraining order against former girlfriend Rihanna removed.

Brown’s Lawyer Mark Geragos told the judge that Chris has completed his 52 week domestic violence cousenling and 581 hours of community service. “It makes it difficult at award shows and such,” Geragos said.

Geragos was allowed to call Rihanna’s attorney to request that the order be modified, however her team opted to check with the singer before any adjustments were made.

While still on probation, the judge was extremely pleased with Chris’ progress and explained that he would be be able to stop by “next time you’re in town” to proceed with a full progess report.

Chris is still required to finish the 1,400 hours of “labor oriented service.”

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