Deconstructing Phaedra’s Man, Criminal Past Revealed

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All the women in the Housewives chain try to out do each other when it comes to keeping up appearances. However, no one’s antics on the pursuit of keeping up with the Jonses have been more entertaining than those of Phaedra Parks. She is now infamous for fudging her pregnancy due date to a date that didn’t make sense timewise and flubbed details about her man’s criminal past. She’s often heard saying that Apollo is a white-collar criminal who is no different from Martha Stewart but the girls over at Jezebel wrote an insightful break down of Apollo’s crimes. Check it out:

For a lawyer, Phaedra seems to have difficulty with basic facts and what constitutes a “white collar crime.” After being questioned about the dubiousness her husband’s past, she addressed the matters on last night’s episode, which contradict our own research.

Phaedra maintains that her husband is “no different than Martha Stewart” and was convicted of a “non-violent, white collar crime.” However, court records show that her husband Apollo Nida has quite a long criminal history that includes arrests under an assortment of fake names—Corey Lamont Thomas, William Spearman, Brandon Phillips—and birth dates for felony possession of a firearm, concealed weapons, motor vehicle theft, theft by receiving stolen property, and forgery, among things. He was also convicted of racketeering under the RICO act, which covers both blue and white collar crimes that can be classified as criminal organizations. In shore, he was a straight-up mobster.

Basically, he was “the numbers guy” in a car-theft ring, forging VIN decals and false documents of ownership. You can read more about his case in his appeal documents. He was sentenced to 18 years, and began serving his sentence in July 2004. He was paroled in May 2009, shortly before his marriage to Phaedra in November 2009, which brings up another point of contention when it comes to Phaedra’s understanding of facts: Dates.

The article continues to break down some of Phaedra’s other fibs but the part about Apollo was particularly interesting because no one actually mentioned (on the show) what he was convicted of until last Monday’s episode when he talked briefly about “car theft” being one of the “alleged” acts that he had committed. Watch the video below:


These people’s travestied shenanigans are pure comedy but also sad too. And this is who children are looking up to in a lot of cases. [Jezebel]