Dr. Drew On Snooki: ‘We’re Fascinated By Behavioral Freaks’

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Dr. Drew Pinsky is getting a new show that launches this March on HLN. He will continue doing what he does best: helping celebrities get help with their addictions but more in depth.

However, more interesting to Dr. Drew than misbehaving celebrities is their fans i.e. the people who encourage and enable them by giving them what they want most—attention.

Noting some of the excesses of Jersey Shore’s Snooki, Pinsky said “Forget her behavior. She’s no different from any other alcoholic. Let’s talk about why we watch it. I’ve said this before—we’ve gone from fascination with physical freaks to fascination with behavioral freaks.”

Speaking of degenerates, they should probably move Dr. Drew into the Bad Girls house. [NY Daily News]