Eli Porter Releases 50 Tyson Diss: ‘I’ll Show Y’all N*99as Retarded’ [Video]


You’d think handicapped internet rappers would stick together but that’s not the case. Apparently, there can only be one king.

“That shit is on fire, you gon’ need some water to put that shit out…even water can’t put that shit out.” Guess he told us. Now be on the look out for that mixtape!

Here’s What We Really Want To Know:

Why does Eli curse so much, especially for someone with a 4.0 grade point average and a biblical name?

Who produced the track?

Will 50 Tyson respond?

Who is behind the camera randomly chattering away, is that Eli’s manager?

Are you buying his mixtape?

Does Eli have groupies like 50 Tyson?

Who would actually win the battle?

Can’t we all just get along?