Eminem Heads To Hollywood In New Crime Thriller


Eminem may be headed to Tinseltown again for a new crime thriller at 20th Century Fox called Random Acts of Violence. Coming off the high of having the best-selling album of 2010 (Recovery), it seems that Em is still steaming in the right direction. 

Sources have told Vulture that Mr. Slim Shady is teaming up with 8-Mile producers Paul Rosenberg and Stuart Parr. According to a 2008 draft of the film, Grand Theft Auto fans would have witnessed the silver screen edition of the fan favorite video game; however, with the help of writer-director David Von Ancken, the movie will more likely be a sibling to The Town or The Departed. Vulture’s Claude Brodesser-Akner describes it like this:

An ex-con smarter than his past is fresh out of prison and trying to stay legit — but his efforts are complicated by his old gang, who want him back on the job. So, too, does the FBI, which hopes he’ll wear a wire and bring down the crime syndicate. The ex-con, meanwhile, tries to play both sides against each other long enough to exact revenge against those — on both sides of the law — who sent him to prison in the first place.

All involved in the project are still crossing T’s and dotting I’s, but Marshal Mathers may be busting out box-offices soon enough. -Niki McGloster

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