Fashion 101: How To Mix Prints


Your closet might already be full of florals, stripes, dots, and plaids—but you probably only wear one patterned piece at a time. We don’t blame you! Print mixing is one of the more difficult trends to pull off, since more often than not, wanton combo-ing can lead to Bozo-esque outfits. But when done right, mixed prints can look wildly high-fashion, and breathe some new life into your tired clothes. Below, we’ve come up with some easy tips to get you going. Once you’ve mastered it, make sure you head on over to our prints-mixing contest page and show off your concoction!

Balance Artist–When mixing intricate prints, it helps to keep one of the prints in a neutral hue, and the other in bright. We love how both the silky textures play off one another.

Thick and Thin—One of the easiest starting-off points is to mix your stripes. A thin-striped cardigan thrown over a thicker-striped tank is effortless, but looks super-thoughtful.

Unexpected Matches—One of our favorite pairings is floral and stripes. Whether it’s a floral skirt and striped top, or a striped tank and a floral cardigan, this combo is usually foolproof!

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