G. Dep’s Wife Answers All [Pg. 2]


What was the other drug?
PCP. Dust is what everyone calls it. I’ve taken him to rehab after rehab. I’ve tried everything. I don’t know a lot about drugs because I have no one in my family that’s dealt with that. I tried everything possible.

Since he only smoked weed in front of you, how did you know it was more?
I can’t tell you exactly when, because I don’t know if I was naïve. But I have pictures of Trevell where he was dressing crazy. That’s when I was like Okay, this is just not weed. When Trevell had his very first performance, he had no stage presence, so I don’t know if people gave him things to make him get more hyped. I don’t know because he wouldn’t do that stuff in front of me.

What’s been reported is that he had been living with the secret of shooting a man for nearly 20 years. When did he tell you?
That part I can’t answer because Trevell once told me he was Jesus, Trevell once swore I was a cop. I guess when you’re on and off of drugs it does something to your brain. So I can’t say when he told me that [because] I might’ve discounted it as ‘Yeah, you’re high.’

So whenever he told you, you didn’t take it seriously?
Yeah. Because he was looking at a picture of the Last Supper and said he was Jesus and named each one of his friends.

Was that the same time he might’ve told you?
They all happened at separate times.

Did he ever mention it at another time that maybe made you say ‘Hmm, maybe he is telling the truth’?
I can’t answer that. I do have feelings on it but I can’t answer it.

Is it because those feelings bother you?
[They] do. Trevell and I have been through so much stuff. When you see a crackhead on the street and you know they’ve had a history of drugs for years, you don’t listen to everything they say, you just wave them off and keep walking. So I had feelings on it, [but] I’m not ready to be vocal. I don’t know how else to answer that. I mean he said he was Jesus.

Does it make you feel guilty at all… like you could’ve talked to him about it?
No. Because I have done everything I possibly can for Trevell. I have given up myself, sometimes time with my children just to tend to Trevell. I’m his wife so I will continue to do everything I possibly can. I support my husband no matter what.

You took those vows very seriously.
Yes [

The Post also reported that Dep’s mother and girlfriend tried to convince him not to turn himself in, did you know he was going to do that?

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