G. Dep's Wife Answers All [Pg. 4]

Understandable. But theoretically if you hadn’t had hung up and he was calling for consultance, what do you think you would’ve told him?
To talk to a priest. That’s all. I don’t know what state [he was in]… from that phone call I thought it was like any other phone call I get from him.

Feel you. Does he feel like he made the right decision?
I know the answer but I can’t answer that. I wish I could, because I want to [Pause]. That’s like a lawyer thing. Let’s just say when I speak to Trevell on the phone he sounds good.

Have you been in contact with the victim’s family?

Have they tried to reach out?
No. But I understand that they lost somebody. I haven’t reached out because we need to be sure.

You think there’s a possibility that the drugs led him to go to the police and confess to someone else’s mistake?
That’s what I don’t know.

But it’s a possibility?
It could be.

Have you asked?
No, I didn’t ask. I’m depending on the lawyer.

Would you be surprised if he were found guilty?
Yeah. It’s not him. Trevell doesn’t even smack his sons for doing something wrong.

You guys have two boys right?
We have twins. It’s funny because Trevell always said that I would have his son. One is named after his father, Trevell and the other is named Tyler.

How are they handling everything, do they know exactly what happened?
Because of the neighborhood we live in, I had to tell them. Before this happened people would come up to me and be like ‘Oh you know Trevell has a problem’ and be all in my face. So I didn’t want the boys to go out and hear it from someone else.

Their father always takes them to get a haircut. I’ve never been. So I thought it would help to bring them to the barber they know. But after, we went to get a videogame and little Trevell says ‘I’m going to get this game!’ and I was like Trevell you don’t have enough money to get that game and he said ‘I should have taken that twenty dollars off of [the barber’s table]. I said Trevell that’s stealing. And he said ‘Yeah, if I steal then I get to go to jail and then I can be with Daddy [ tears up]. That killed me.

Are you still in love?
Yes, I love my husband very much. We have a great friendship. When he’s not high the two of us are on the same plane together. There are things that are exactly the same with us. He tries. I always say he’s such a good person he just has demons. And he has to work through those demons. But even when he’s high, he’s very calm. That’s the Trevell I know. He always prays, whether he’s high or not. He’s not a gangbanger, that’s not who I know.

I think I read that he’s been arrested more than 20 times. It seems like trouble or bad lunch follows him plenty.
Yes, he’s been arrested a lot, off of BS stuff. Either he was high somewhere or trespassing. I read an article that he robbed someplace, but that’s not him. I know he had an incident with Sprint where they said he tried to steal a phone, but it was really a cardboard display.

Do you think you’re too nice?
All through our relationship people would tell me I could find a better person, you know he’s on drugs. But my girlfriends always say we’ll be here for you but only you know when it’s enough.

Would you ever take him back?
Of course. He’s my husband. I love Trevell so much. When he’s clear he’s all about me and the boys. Once you get to know somebody’s heart, you don’t leave them. Even if he said he didn’t want me, I would still be doing what I’m doing now because I made a commitment to my husband.

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