‘Ghostbuster’s 3′ Script Complete

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The last time the Ghostbusters 3 project was mentioned seriously was some time early last year with news that Columbia was trying to figure out how to drop Ivan Reitman from the movie in favor of a younger director. However, the latest development is that Reitman is still involved with the film despite the movie house’s wishes and he says the script for the movie is done.

He describes it as “a very good script,” one that’s “good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again.”

That doesn’t really sound assuring. Then again, the accuracy of this “leaked” information is still up in the air since there’s not much more information about the flick. It’s also likely that people will see the movie whether it looks good or not just because it’s Ghostbusters (we can’t promise that we wouldn’t be guilty of that).

Are you excited? [Vulture]