Golden Voice’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out, Says He Wasn’t There For Kids


Ted Williams and his golden voice are famous now, but his ex wife deserves major props too.

Patricia Kirtley raised four daughters solo after Williams left them 23 years ago and spiraled out of control with drugs and alcohol. She also took in the baby boy the former homeless man had with another woman and raised him as her own. And she’s partially blind.

“We survived,” Kirtley said to the New York Daily News in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. “My children are survivors. They know if we get a little bit that God provides, we make it into a lot. I’m a soup maker. I make potato soup and throw in a lot of vegetables and a little meat. We always ate.”

Kirtley credits her mother and sisters for helping her, which allowed her to go to school and get her license as a blind vendor. Two of her sisters and a cousin even took in a child that Williams and his druggie girlfriend didn’t care for because she says she “didn’t want to see those children go to no foster home.”

She sounds like a phenomenal woman.

Hopefully Williams can redeem himself by being there for his grandchildren. [NY Daily News]