Hosea Chanchez Chats Playing Malik And Pranking ‘The Game’ Cast

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Hosea Chanchez’s character on The Game ‘Malik Wright’ is already off to unforgettable start on the show’s new season. From smashing the new owner’s wife ‘Parker’ played by the sexy Megan Good to being drunk at his own video game launch party it’s obvious Season 4 could be his character’s most challenging yet. Chanchez gave VIBE some inside scoops on what we can expect from his character as the season progresses.—Storm


VIBE: Malik is known for running through women and not being serious with anyone. Will they be consequences to this lifestyle, like paternity tests?

Hosea Chanchez: Absolutely. This is the year you will see the result of what’s been happening with his life manifest itself this year. It’s all about that this whole season.


In previous seasons you and your mom ‘Tasha Mack,’ played by Wendy Raquel Robinson have had your ups and downs. Where will their relationship go this season?

You won’t see much of Malik and Tasha’s interactions just because of where Malik is. You will really understand this when you see the show and the episodes. He’s at a place where no one is in his world if that makes any sense. It’s a dark and spooky place to say the least. You won’t see a lot of interaction between Malik and Tasha.


What are differences between you and Malik? Is it easier to play someone that is opposite of you?

You know it’s actually fun and really challenging. He is completely opposite of me in 90% of his ways. The good thing is you get to explore something that is not like yourself and that’s what makes acting and being an artist really fun— you get to channel characters and other people. It’s funny when people meet me. A lot of people are disappointed that I’m not like my character. Women in particular which is weird [laughs] cause let’s be honest, my character is an asshole.


It’s been said that you’re a prankster, so what is the best prank you pulled off on any of your Game castmates?

One of the best pranks I pulled was on Pooch [Hall], I laced his toilet seat with toothpaste in the middle of a scene so when he went back to his room to use the bathroom, he got stuck on the toilet. He had all this white paste, cause you couldn’t see it, was stuck on his ass!  The other one is I took all of Coby [Bell’s] furniture and stacked it up in his room and he couldn’t get in his door and I went out the window so he had all this furniture stacked up in his room and he couldn’t get through his dressing room door.