Ice Cream Bars: If Gucci Mane’s Face Tattoo Could Rap…


What the hell would that freaky frozen treat say? VIBE took a stab at ghostwriting a hit for Gucci’s icey ink

“Vanilla ice cream, she said ‘ooh, my favorite’/But then she lick the cheek and she started to gag a bit/I said, ‘Go on lick my cone so my man can get a bone’/She asks, ‘Why you taste so salty when you supposed to be so icey?’ ‘Because I’m on a cheek hoe!/A very salty cheek hoe!/Now go and do your job before I burn you with my lightening rod’/Then she Grrr’d/and I Brrr’d/Then we both got a little scurrr’d/Because my man Gucci had to sneeze/So hoe girl threatened to leave/I said, ‘Gucci hold that in!/’Chick screamed, ‘Face tat you a sin!/You look like three scoops of poop/I’m headed to Cold Stone for the truth!’/Whatever hoe, hope you crack your freaking sweet tooth!”

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