‘Jersey Shore’ Season Four Might Tape In Italy

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Perez Hilton reports that according to sources close to the production of Jersey Shore, the cast will be most likely be heading to their motherland (for some of them, anyway)⎯Italy.

MTV executives have reportedly sent crew members to scout for locations all over the country, and are also making sure that they can secure visas for the cast and crew.

Word on the street is that producers have met with some of Vinny’s Italian relatives to see if they’ll host the Shore kids for a dinner similar to the way his immediate family has each season.

Wow. We guess this show hasn’t jumped the shark just yet. All you guilty pleasure folk who probably still don’t admit in public that you watch the show now have something else to look forward to. Plans haven’t been finalized but this sounds like an interesting idea that will actually come to fruition, especially if Vinny’s family is involved. His uncles are always entertaining. [Perez Hilton]

*Edit* MTV has confirmed that the rumors are true. The cast will be headed to Italy and Vinny’s first generation family is on deck. The show will film Spring of this year and will air later in the year.